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Cholesterol Management Program

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Cholesterol is a sterol (a combination steroid and alcohol) and a lipid found in the cell membranes of all body tissues, and transported in the blood plasma of all animals. Cholesterol has been classified into Low density lipoprotein (LDL) fraction and High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) fraction.

Why should one bother about high cholesterol?

An excess of cholesterol can build up in the bloodstream and accumulate on the walls of arteries. The high levels of LDL are responsible for clogging the arteries by plaque formation and result in some major ailments such as coronary heart diseases, stroke, heart attack, along with symptoms of chest pain, dizziness, abdominal pain,fatigue and difficulty in breathing. On the contrary HDL unclogs the arteries by reducing the plaques and prevents heart diseases.

What can you do if you have high cholesterol?

You can start by understanding what cholesterol is and how controlling it helps you care for your heart. Fact is, your body creates its own cholesterol to function effectively. However, many foods you eat also stimulate your body to make additional cholesterol, which is where the problems can occur.

What can we do to help you?

Our team of Ayurveda Doctors first analyse the individual’s Prakriti (body type) to understand the physiological and pathological reasons behind elevated levels and then recommend appropriate herbs along with the diet plan designed by the Nutritionist in order to remove toxin from body and manage the elevated levels of cholesterol.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have high cholesterol. Is there a cure?
    A permanent cure for high cholesterol lies in meticulous control of your diet, achieving ideal body weight and changing your lifestyle and intake of simple detoxifying herbal therapy. Our program has been instrumental in controlling cholesterol of our clients just through diet, common time tested herbs and lifestyle modification only.
  • Can I stop my allopathic medicines once I am on your program?
    Not at the start. However, once your cholesterol levels are within the normal range persistently for a considerable period of time, your physician may decide to stop them.
  • Will my cholesterol levels stay normal, even after completing your program?
    Yes, in our program you are given enough education about the dietary changes and lifestyle changes so that just by following those tips you can easily control your cholesterol levels in future on your own.


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Prakriti is an individual’s genetic make-up that determines how the body responds to food.

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The food that you eat reacts chemically with your blood type to produce different results.

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Your genes may affect the amount of fat you store in your body and determine your body type.


  • Your own Personal Nutritionist who understands your needs and goals.
  • Customized Diet Plans based on your Body Type, Blood Type, Medical Needs & Preferences.
  • Connect 1:1 via Phone, eMail, SMS or Mobile App.


Choose one of the following diet packages

Ojasvi: 3 months

  • Alter your shape and appear beautiful
  • Ideal for people who are looking to learn about healthy eating
  • Minor weight loss required
  • Minor or no medical issues
  • BMI under 28

Arogyam : 6 months

  • Conquer diseases and toxins of your body
  • Major weight loss required
  • Associated medical issues
  • BMI under 32

Sudarshan : 12 months

  • Infuse yourself with health and vigor and be at peak of strength, energy levels & agility
  • Major weight loss and complete lifestyle change required
  • Major health issues. For those who require
  • Continuous health guidance and coaching
  • BMI above 32