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Technology – Dr.Shikha’s NutriHealth is a pioneer of the scalable tele-nutrition model in India

Lack of standardization and regulatory norms is leading to local nutrition counsellors without credentials providing advice that harms patients resulting in lack of confidence of the medical fraternity in nutrition advisories. Who suffers? It is the patients leaving hospitals who need nutritional solutions, preventive healthcare solution seekers and any doctor who wants to provide nutritional consultation to patients as part of treatment.

NutriHealth uses tele-nutrition to address this problem.  By creating an operating model around tele-medicine NutriHealth has become the largest aggregator of nutritionists in India. This has helped NutriHealth bring individual nutritionists under one roof in a manner that their service quality can be standardized and monitored constantly while the organization scales up.

We have invested and extensively use technology to deliver our services through Voice, Video and App. Technology, domain knowledge and human intervention for diagnosis, empathy and motivation remains the core of our business model. We have a tele-nutrition centre with over 175 people including doctors, nutritionists and technologists.  

Domain Knowledge – NutriHealth is a professionally managed organization

We are a professionally managed organization. No other nutrition management organization has professionals from IITs and IIMs managing it. Our team of qualified Nutritionists and Ayurvedic doctors have a combined medical experience of over 178 years; the personalized diets by expert Nutritionists and Ayurvedic herbs by doctors can help you in achieving your goals.  The result of this is that we are a highly process driven organization; which in turn helps us retain our quality of service despite scaling up.

Human Intervention – Dr.Shikha’s NutriHealth is a pioneer in personalized nutrition management in India

Since every individual’s body and mind is unique it is important for diet management solutions to be personalised if they are to be effective for the individual in question. We are completely against one size fits all blanket diet programs which are very generic in nature. NutriHealth’s approach to nutritional advice is personalised at 3 levels:

Solution protocol: Entire solution protocol is built to provide solutions that cater to the specific needs of the individual. The protocol is based on the combination of an individual’s unique Prakriti (indicates body type), blood group and health status (through blood test).

Diet plan: The diet plan is flexible and adapts itself to the changing social and workplace realities of the person. The plan is dynamic and responsive as the client can at any time call his/her personal nutritionist to find out how to balance out the deviations in the recommended diet.

Technology: A personal mobile app helps track the client’s progress and also helps him/her choose recipes for foods/dishes which s/he likes. The client can also reach out to his/her nutritionist and doctor through telephone or skype.

NutriHealth is a women driven organization.

NutriHealth organisation has a large women force, infect the service team of nutritionists and doctors at NutriHealth are all women. Nutria-Health believes and supports empowerment of Women.