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Program for Specific Needs

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Specific dietary plans are also provided to take care of the specific needs during pregnancy,lactation, children and for sports persons.Our doctors & nutritionists provide food plans, which take care of extra demand of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. For sports persons, the diet is designed based on intensity of physical activity and training, which help in enhancing their performance during events.


We at Dr.Shikha’s NutriHealth strongly believe that the specific diet plans need to be devised according to your specific needs and requirements.

Be it for pregnancy times, we take care of the specific needs during those important months of a mother by devising specific diet for not only the adequate growth and development of the baby in the womb but also for the health of the expecting mother.

During the lactation period, which we understand is one of the important aspects of a new mother, our diet plan are devised to take care of the extra demand for nutrition which is absolutely necessary and required during this period.

We also understand that the dietary requirements of children keep on changing rapidly with their growing age and physical activity. Our nutritionists endeavor to inculcate healthy eating habits in children and develop their interest in it so that it becomes easy for the parents to make them follow the diet plan.

Sports Person
Sports person in general demand extra nutrition to cope up with the stress and strain of the game and hence our diet plans are specially designed to cater to the high intensity physical activity endured by the people involved in active sports.

Hair and Skin Program

Why does the dullnesss of hair and skin and other related disorders occur?

  • Deficiency of certain nutrients, intake of fried and junk food,excess of caffeinated drinks in our daily diet is the cause of dullness and tired looking skin and it also results in hair fall.
  • Stress and inadequate sleep is also one of the major factors of a dull skin and hair.
  • Hair loss could be a result of many factors like lack of minerals or iron in the body, pollution, hormonal imbalance and aging.
  • Due to sun exposure and even lack of sun exposure both can spoil skin.

What will be our procedure to analyse and treat the same?

The plan includes dietary modifications, inclusion of herbs and lifestyle modifications, according to unique body type (prakriti analysis). Proteins and antioxidants rich fruits and vegetables too are included in the diet along with the herbs like Aloevera, Amla juice that nourish the skin and hair.

How to replenish the nutrients loss to overcome the same ?

The dietary protocol will include close monitoring and assessment of root cause of the symptoms with the help of customized diet plan.
Inclusion of various detox diet plans for elimination of toxins for glowing healthy looking skin and healthy hair.
The customized dietary approach will help to prevent the symptoms and helps in enhancement of better digestion and all nutrients like iron , zinc , vitamin A and C etc. needed are incorporated in the diet planning .
Balanced diet emphasizing foods that offer significant protein, vitamin B and iron within your calorie limits will help to replenish the loss.


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Prakriti is an individual’s genetic make-up that determines how the body responds to food.

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The food that you eat reacts chemically with your blood type to produce different results.

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Your genes may affect the amount of fat you store in your body and determine your body type.


  • Your own Personal Nutritionist who understands your needs and goals.
  • Customized Diet Plans based on your Body Type, Blood Type, Medical Needs & Preferences.
  • Connect 1:1 via Phone, eMail, SMS or Mobile App.


Choose one of the following diet packages

Ojasvi: 3 months

  • Alter your shape and appear beautiful
  • Ideal for people who are looking to learn about healthy eating
  • Minor weight loss required
  • Minor or no medical issues
  • BMI under 28

Arogyam : 6 months

  • Conquer diseases and toxins of your body
  • Major weight loss required
  • Associated medical issues
  • BMI under 32

Sudarshan : 12 months

  • Infuse yourself with health and vigor and be at peak of strength, energy levels & agility
  • Major weight loss and complete lifestyle change required
  • Major health issues. For those who require
  • Continuous health guidance and coaching
  • BMI above 32