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Benefits: Aloe: Detoxifies Liver, Amla: Balances Tridoshas, Tulsi: Boosts Immune System, Ginger: Helps in Digestion, Stevia: Anti Hyperglycemic Effect
Antioxidant Properties, Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Boosts Energy and Immunity, Manages Cholesterol.
Benefits: Improves Liver functioning & Digestion, Enhances Immunity, Blood Purifier, Controls Acidity, Reduces Hair Fall
Garcinia Capsules
Benefits: The active constituent, HCA helps in weight management, Helps to prevent fat production, Strengthens cardiovascular system, Inhibits the synthesis of lipids and fatty acids.
Malus Cider
Benefits: Increases metabolism, Helps in weight management, Reduces the risk of heart disease, Helps in maintaining pH level and regulating acidity, Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels.
Terminalia Chebula
Benefits: Helps in detoxification, Improves digestion, Helps in weight management, Rasayana (rejuvenate and prevents ageing), Antibacterial activity

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