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Factor affecting childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is that condition when a child gets obese.in simple words childhood obesity play an very important role for being unhealthy children.obesity comes from various factors –

  • Unhealthy eating – main cause of childhood obesity is a combination of eating too much and exercising too little. A poor diet containing high levels of fat or sugar and few nutrients can cause kids to gain weight quickly. Fast food, candy, and soft drinks are common culprits
  • Genetic factor – our genes allso affect our body structure that if our parents are obese than the child also gets obese so this is influenced by our genes sometimes it also causes problem in childs life
  • Lack of exercise – Children who don’t exercise much are more likely to gain weight because they don’t burn as many calories. Too much time spent in sedentary activities, such as watching television or playing video games, also contribute to the problem
  • Environmental factors – Environmental factors are those that surround the children and influence their food intake and physical activity. These factors are seen in various settings such as at home, in school, and in the community. At home, the parent-child interaction is very crucial as parents can influence children food choices and motivate them to have a healthy lifestyle. Children spend most of their time at school, so school can promote healthy food choices and physical activity among them
  • Psychological factor – childrens also face this stage when they gets bored alone and they are stressed and dipressed by surrounding movements
  • Socioeconomic factor – People in some communities have limited resources and little access to supermarkets. As a result, they may opt for convenience foods that don’t spoil quickly, such as frozen meals, crackers and cookies. In addition, people who live in lower income neighborhoods may not have access to safe places to exercise
  • Junk foods – childrens are crazy about having junk foods like burger, pizza. So they are very much attractive with the eating out options and it can cause obesity in childhood
  • Media/Advertisement – The media and advertisements play very important role for the childhood obesity because children are easily attracted by the decorative foods like maggie ,burgers,pizza,fries.and they love that taste and hate the vegetable and hate home made foods so the media also plays an important role in children adapting wrong eating habits
  • Internet – Internet is also a leading factor in childhood obesity because children whole day just doing chating and watch videos ,songs in computer so they became that much busy they even dont want to eat and drink and they dont want to go outside for playing or exercise
  • Video games – last but not the least video games and phones give totally full rest to children, they just love to rest and use video games and avoid go outside and play it is a leading cause nowdays which is leading to the childhood obesity
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