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Eating out tips during Festive season

Festive Season has started bringing with it cheer and happiness. But it is also the period where there are maximum chances of weight gain. But with few tips, you can manage your weight during the festive season.

Tips to follow:

  • Eat a snack at home before goingBefore going out for any party or function, have a small meal like salad. Meals which are protein and fibre rich should be preferred, for instance, 1 bowl of chickpea salad or crunchy vegetable salad as these are more filling.

  • Take 1 spoon roasted Wheat Bran with 1 glass lukewarm water before leaving.

  • Survey the menu – At the party, first survey all the dishes and then opt for the lightest options available.

  • Have clear soup and avoid soft drinks and fruit juices

  • Eat fruit platterFruits are loaded with fibre, which helps in reducing the weight. Opt for fruit platters and fruit chaat during the festive season to maintain your weight.

  • Choose foods high in protein – whenever you are eating out, try to have protein rich foods, (paneer / tofu/chicken with stir fried veg and soup). The proteins and carbohydrates provide equal amount of calories, but since proteins are more filling, so you tend to eat less.

  • Avoid fried foods – Order / Choose a regular tawa roti or tandoori roti or missi roti or whole wheat bread instead of pooris and Parathas. Opt for grilled or roasted preparations instead of fried foods.

  • If nothing is available, eat vegetable/fruit preparations like salad, dry vegetables etc.

  • If there is a choice, prefer whole wheat pasta/noodles/dosa/upma/idli with lots of vegetables instead of pooris/naan/parantha.

  • Avoid thick gravied foods like shahi paneer, butter paneer, butter chicken and instead opt for paneer tikkas, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, grilled/ roasted chicken/ fish.

  • Skip Desserts or if you must, eat only 1-2 spoons

  • Exercise portion control – In case, if you have to still have a sweet or fried food, reduce its portion size. By cutting down the portion size, you will end up consuming lesser calories.

  • After coming back home, have 1 glass of lukewarm water with 1 tsp of your roasted wheat bran or jasmine tea.

  • Maintain a regular exercise regimen – Do not be laidback during festive season, instead go for regular walks, cardio exercise

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