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How to control Diabetes passing to your children?

Many people are anxious to know if it is an epidemic that several small children are being diagnosed with diabetes, a married couple is wondering about the risk of their children having diabetes in future as the husband has type 1 diabetes, a man developed type 2 diabetes in his 50s and his mother developed diabetes in her 60s, now that man is concerned about his sister and brother. Moreover he is not sure about the chances of his kids to develop diabetes.

Other chances are; if you or a loved one has diabetes, you may wonder if you have inherited it from a family member or you may be concerned about your kids getting it inherited to them.

As per the American Diabetes Association; the risk a kid will develop diabetes is more if there is diabetes in the family.

  • If there is no diabetes in the family the chances are 11% of type 2 diabetes by age 70 and by age 50 1% chances of getting type 1 diabetes.

  • One parent with type 1 diabetes: 6% chance of type 1 diabetes if father has type 1 diabetes; 4% chance of type 1 diabetes if mother has diabetes who was younger than 25 when the child was born; 1% chance of type 1 diabetes if mother with diabetes who was older than 25 when the child was born.

  • One parent with type 2 diabetes which was diagnosed before the age of 50: Chances of type 2 diabetes are 14%.

  • Both parents with type 2 diabetes (overall risk): Chance of type 2 diabetes are 45% .

Instead of being concerned we should look for the ways to control diabetes passing to your kids. We can easily work on our diabetes and control it using following methods:

1. Excercise: Diabetes is marathon, not a sprint; said one of the diabetes patients who diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2005. First step to start acting on your diabetes to know where you stand now. Take and keep a track of your kid’s daily physical activites. Keep them indulge in different physical games and activities.

Try to do something that gets you and your kids moving everyday.

2. Controlling Weight Gain and Blood Suger Level(BSL):

Controlling weight gain in your kids is must to ensure diabetes control. You can try by serving home cooked meals on smaller plates because portions matter. If you serve your kids less food, they will tend to eat less than if they have a big plate with a huge meal.

Take home menus from their favourite restaurants so that you can check for the best and healthiest options on the menu in advance before taking any decision in rush at the restaurant. Before you go into the restaurant decide what you want your kids to eat and order ahead of yourself so you they won’t be tempted by their choices.

Keep testing their blood suger level two to three hours after meals, so that you can find yourself as which food is making their blood suger jump too quickly. Time to time get a body check up done.

3. Lifestyle Modification:

Try and avoid your kids to eat junk food. Always pack their tiffins with healthy food so that they won’t get a chance to eat from outside. Tell them the benifits of each type of food so that they will be aware before eating. Limit their sugary foods and beverages as consuming lots of sugary foods and beverages like juices, iced teas and soda can lead to excessive weight gain.

If you think your kids may be gain weight and can be at increased risk of type 2 diabetes, you should be consulting your doctor or a registered nutritionist. They can help you figure out what your kid’s weight goals should be and how to achieve that.

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